Meeting & Seminar
Meeting & Seminar
Design Seminar – Macau

The seminar invited Mr Hong Ko (KL&K Design) from Hong Kong, Mr Pedro Serrão & Mr Pedro Mesquita (This is Pacifica) from Portugal and Mr Lei Chan U (Mccow Design) from Macau as guest speakers. Through the differences in geography, thinking and lifestyle among designers in three places, people will find out how these designers reflect their cognition in each of their work, through the differences and commonalities of cultural and social backgrounds as information communicators.

Date: 12 October 2019
Venue: Macau Design Center
Panel Discussion
Mr Hong Ko (KL&K Design)
As a leading designer, Hong Ko is the partner and the Creative Director of KL&K Design. Hong Ko was graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received the British Chevening Postgraduate Scholarships in 2002 and studied his master degree in Typographic Studies at the London College of Printing. In 2010, Ko was promoted as partner of Kan & Lau Design Consultants, which was lately renamed as KL&K Design in 2013.
Ko was awarded the “People of the Year” by magazine “Art & Design” in 2011, “40 under 40” by Perspective magazine in 2014, “Ten outstanding Designers Awards 2014”, which has proved him as one of the leading young creative figures of China. With his acquired professionalism, Ko has been featured frequently in media, invited to participate in talks, exhibitions and professional judging. Ko has vast experience in branding design and has won numerous awards. Influential branding projects include Shenzhen Airport Group, Bama Tea, Wugumf and Zoneco, etc.
Mr Pedro Serrão & Mr Pedro Mesquita (This is Pacifica)
Pacifica is an independent communication studio based in Porto, Portugal, established in 2007 by Pedro Serrão, Pedro Mesquita and Filipe Mesquita. They do Branding, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Web Design, Packaging, Signs, Space Design, Editorial, Motion Graphics, Mobile Design, Advertising, Events and Relationship Marketing.
Mr Lei Chan U (Mccow Design)
Graduated from Macao Polytechnic Institute, Lei Chan U established Mccow Design Co., Ltd. In 2013. The company has been engaging in brand image design with humorous and simple style. From creativity, design to execution, it brings new and fresh concept and successfully creates good publicity effects. Its clients include cacao, lobs garde, Putajanai, etc which are popular among Macau people.