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Two forums about cultural industry and space design to be held respectively for public to understand design and culture development, which can also discuss with design professionals from both cities.

About the Development of
Cultural Industry in the Two Cities
Date 4 Jul 2017 (Tue)
Time 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Venue 3/F Forum, Eslite Spectrum Suzhou
Speakers :
Mr. Freeman Lau
Born in 1958, Freeman Lau is a renowned artist and designer in Hong Kong. Freeman is currently the Founder of KL&K Creative Strategics, the Vice Chairman for the Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia), a Director of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), and the Secretary General of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (FHKDA). These years, he is devoted in promoting the design industry. As the secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations, Mr. Lau co-curated the 1st (2014) & 2nd (2016) “HK-SZ Design Biennale” with 39 design associations from Hong Kong and Shenzhen in various design disciplines including graphic design, new media design, fashion design, interior design, industrial design, etc. The success of the biennale is owing to the full support from different sectors in the society.
Since 1984, Freeman has won over 300 design awards and his design profession is developed in several fields including books, graphic design, packaging and poster design and so on. His most recent design achievements include “The Best Asian Designer” at the 2014 Asian Designers’ Invitational Exhibition in Korea endorsed by ico-D (2014), “Grand Award of DFA Design for Asia Awards” (2015), and “iF Design Award” (2016).
Mr. LEE Chi-Wing
Lee Chi-wing, a native of Hong Kong, studied Industrial Design and graduated from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Lee received his MA from Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle in Paris.
Lee began his design journey in Habitat France and Raison Pure and joined Philips Design Hong Kong as a designer before he set up Milk Design in 1998. Milk Design is reported by Time Out Magazine as one of the Top 25 HK designers need to know. Its design has been described by Monocle Magazine as simple yet experimental.
The design project of the inflight economy class tableware for Cathay Pacific Airway in 2007 achieved to demonstrate a modern interpretation of the Chinese culture and tradition. It has received various prestigious deign awards in Asia. The design of “A New Bamboo Chair”, become the collections of Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
Lee truly believes design is from one’s culture and tradition, it is part of daily living.
Mr. Ji Xianghao
Ji Xianghao, the general manager of Suzhou LKK Creative Industry Limited Company of LKK Integrated Innovative Design Group, as well as the east China design director of LKK Group, is responsible for all matters relating to the branch company in Suzhou, and takes charge in all quality delivery work of east China LKK group.
During the tenure, he has completed a number of products’ development and design, including:
Presiding over the development and design of 55-degree cup which made the sales miracle in 2014 to 2015, and won the cookware Red Dot Award 2015 and the China Red Star Design Award 2015.
Presiding over the development and design of “AIRWING Hexacopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which made a breakthrough in unmanned aerial vehicle investigation, patrolling line and power; and wining the Red Dot Award 2014 and the China Red Star Design Award 2014.
Participating in the development and design of “Wearable Device-Smart button”; designing the world’s smallest smart wearable device which utilized optical communication transmission into this field; and obtaining the North America IDEA Design Award 2014.
Presiding over the development and design of “ELKAY water purifier” which made a technical breakthrough in the integration of three-stage filter element and a technical breakthrough in user application field for reaching to any temperature in one second, which won the North America IDEA Design Award 2016.
He devotes his energy and wisdom to the development of Chinese industrial design, and undertakes the responsibility of continuously developing the Chinese industrial design along with the development of Chinese industrial design. He actively explores to constantly exploit the development of Chinese industrial design. He always adheres to product innovation and technological innovation.
Prof. Jiang Mu
- Doctor of Design
- Professor
- Supervisor of Doctor Students
Professor Jiang Mu, the leader of industrial design and environmental art design subject in the college of art in the Soochow University, the 333 high-level talents and technology consulting specialist of Jiangsu province. He is currently professor and doctoral supervisor (Design Science) in the college of art in the Soochow University.
He was awarded Doctor of Design by the Academy of Art and Design of Tsinghua University the Academy of Art and Design of Tsinghua University in July 2007. Professor Jiang’s main research interests focus on industrial design and theory, environmental art design and theory, history and theory of design art. He was taught at the school of art in Soochow University in 2008, promoted to a professor in 2010, and appointed as a Ph. D. supervisor in the design of Soochow University in 2014.
Professor Jiang’s the Safety Principles of Industrial Product Design won the eleventh excellent achievements in philosophy and Social Science Award of Jiangsu Province; the Collation and Explanation of Gong Bu Chang Ku Xu Zhi won the twelfth excellent achievements in philosophy and social science award in Suzhou. He began to receive the support of the introduction of the shortage of high-level talents in Suzhou in 2008, and was awarded the teaching award of Soochow University in 2014. Professor Jiang is the Ministry of education degree and graduate education development center outstanding graduate thesis communication experts, the Packaging Engineering editorial, expert review committee, the Journal of Higher Education editorial director, member of Innovation and Application of Science and Technology, “the special assessment experts of Journal of Huaqiao University philosophy society Edition, member of industrial design branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society and senior member of China Mechanical Engineering Society.
About the space design development of the two cities

The cultural space development with strong national and regional characteristics of the two cities did not elapse with the progress of urbanization. Suzhou has abundant cultural heritage, characteristic cultural villages and towns, and good ecological environment. How to integrate new ideas into the city and make cultural heritage & social development interact with each other?

Hong Kong is known as an Asian cosmopolitan city and doing the best to retain the historical space. How can this modernized city retain and activate the local unique culture and develop into a creative city? Whether the blending of the local and space culture between the two cities can be driven into an integrated development of cultural economy? The designers from the two cities will gather together in the forum and share their respective views and discussions. 

Date 5 Jul 2017 (Wed)
Time 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Venue 3/F Forum, Eslite Spectrum Suzhou
Speakers :
Mr. Joey Ho
- Design Partner of PAL Design Group
- Master of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
- Bachelor of Architectural Studies, The National University of Singapore
- Chairman of HKIDA
- Course Consultant of HKIVE
Joey Ho draws his creative inspiration from the far-reaching corners of Asia. Born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore and graduated from The University of Hong Kong (Master of Architecture) and The National University of Singapore (Bachelor of Architectural Studies). Each of these culturally diverse yet artistically vibrant qualities have played their parts in fashioning Joey’s unique and avant-garde perspective of the world. Over the years, Joey has established a high profile client list in the hospitality, residential, institutional and retail sectors, with projects spread over different cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and the Greater China region. To-date, Joey’s designs have won numerous internationally recognized awards. He is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association and the course consultant of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, actively involves in promoting the development of the design industry.
Ms. Tris Kee
Tris Kee is the Programme Leader and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Design and Environment at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi).  Tris grew up in Canada and worked in Rome, Amsterdam, London and Vancouver before moving to Hong Kong to become a Registered Architect.  Tris’ work was exhibited in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012, REVEAL exhibition 2014, Shenzhen Architecture Biennale 2013, and the HK Architecture Biennale 2016. She was one of the curators for the Hong Kong/Shenzhen Architecture Biennale 2012.  She is a recipient of the ‘40 under 40 Architectural Design Award’ in 2012, Hong Kong Green Building Council Green Building Award 2012 and an Academic Committee Award by the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale 2013.
She published “Old Tai O Police Station” (ISBN 9789881602015), “WE OWN THE CITY” (ISBN 9789078088912) and contributed to “Hong Kong –Barcelona Urban Exchange” (ISBN 9789881693006).  She was an invited speaker at the International Design Alliance Congress in Taiwan in 2011, and a keynote speaker at the Crossover Comprehensive Conference in China Academy of Art 2012.  Tris was the Chief Editor for HKIA Journal (2010-2015) and an executive member in Hong Kong Interior Design Association and Hong Kong Architecture Centre.
Mr. Zhang Yingpeng
Zhang Yingpeng, General Manager and Chief Architect of 9 Town Studio. BS of  Civil Engineering, Hefei University of Technology; MS of Architecture, Southeast China University; Ph.D in Western Philosophy, Zhejiang University. This special academic experience reflects Zhang Yingpeng’s love of architecture, and his humanistic tendencies of understanding and persistence of architecture.
Zhang Yingpeng won many international and domestic architecture awards, such as Creation Award by ASC, National Excellent Design by CECA, and Excellent Design Award by WACA. He was selected in 1960s Chinese Outstanding Architects in 2013, Jiangsu Province Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions in 2015, Jiangsu Province Design Master in 2016. He has published 6 edited and translated books, more than 40 papers in
,, and other core journals.
Prof. Jun zhai
- Professor and Chair
- Department of Landscape Architecture
- School of Architecture
- Soochow University, Suzhou, China
- Founding Principle, E.A.S. T.Scape
Professor Jun zhai is a Chinese-American landscape architect, urban theorist, and educator. Professor Zhai is the chair of Landscape Architecture Department at Soochow University’s School of Architecture. Professor Zhai is also an award-winning landscape architect with over twenty years professional experience both in New York and China and the Founding Principal of E.A.S.T.scape based in Shanghai whose focus is on the re-establishment of ecological open space systems within dense urban area. He is also very interested in design and cultural issues, especially when “old” meets “new” in the vast Chinese urban context. Professor Zhai’s teaching and research examines the relations between landscape, ecology, and contemporary urbanism, and focuses on the relationships between ecological thinking and design practices. He is author of numerous articles on these subjects, and his writing has been published on peer reviewed Journal papers in China. Through his career both as educator and practitioner, Professor Zhai also seeks to further the dialogue of design through creative collaborations with professionals and academics on projects at various scales of complexity and culture context. He studied with Ian McHarg and James Corner at University of Pennsylvania where he received his MLA.
Master’s Sharing
- Design Ethics
Date 5 Jul 2017 (Wed)
Time 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Venue 3F Forum, Eslite Spectrum Suzhou
Speakers :
Dr. Kan Tai-keung
World-renowned designer and artist. Kan’s works have earned him numerous awards and international publicity. Important awards including: Gold Awards, International Art Competition, Los Angeles (1984); 1st Prize in the 1st International Computer Art Biennale in Rzeszów (1995), the Honour of Bronze Bauhinia Star (1999) and later the Honor of Silver Bauhinia Star (2010); World's Outstanding Chinese Designer Award(2004). In 2005, Kan was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2016, he was award the HKDA Lifetime Honorary Award by Hong Kong Designers Association.

Kan also actively involves in educating and promoting art and design profession. He is now the Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale; Advisor of the Leisure & Cultural Services Department; Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Museum of Art; Board Member of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority; the Foundation Dean of the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University, Guest Professor of Central Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing and Guest Professor, Honorary Professor and Chief Professor of Universities and institutes.