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Innomacs Creation Ltd.
Hong Kong

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Established Year May 2007
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Address Unit B 13+F Seabright Plaza 9-23 Shell Street, \\\\r\\\\nHong Kong.
Tel No. 28150176
Award 公司創意獲得認在亞洲專利授權業週年大獎中,獲最佳亞洲專利授權 及 最佳香港專利授權兩項提名; 2010中国经济发展论坛组委会及 商务部-诚信中国•第二届企业信用建设与创新发展高峰论坛認同.獲創意人物, 中国经济优秀人物, 创新先锋人物等荣誉称号項提名
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No. of Employees 1-5
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Innomacs Creation Ltd. is an advertising and licensing agency specializing in the creation of unique literary art and punchy ad slogans. We license our intellectual property, provide design concepts as well as an online advertising platform. Innomacs and IC are our intellectual property trademarks. They feature idioms, proverbs and poetic verses that are distinguishable, inspirational and emotive.Our underlying mission is to collaborate and grow community spirit. We are extremely passionate about building on literature and cultural values to encourage empathy and compassion, empower individuals and corporations, and help maintain a sustainable, positive society. By licensing our IP, Innomacs aims to enhance the appreciation of culture, encourage CSR, explore job opportunity and inspire future generations.