GDN 2016 SYMPOSIUM: THE Big Question

Events 2016-11-30
Hong Kong
Event: Keynote & Roundtable Discussion
November 30 (Wed), 2016
Time: 2:00 – 6:00pm
Venue: S421, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
M.C.: Ms. Grace Lau 
Executive Secretary, Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations 


Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (FHKDA)



Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)
Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)



THE Big Question — the emerging role of design(ers)



With much talk about how design can shape social behavior, and different people in the society taking a renewed interest in engaging designers to design (anything) and provide design related services, there has been an increasing awareness for the impact of design that goes beyond normal perception of simply enhancing aesthetic values and experience. With the appearance of participatory design and UX, the role of designers has in fact evolved in the design processes and makes design a social process that makes designing a democratic approach than ever before. Lately, with product designers broadening their remit to include services and offering advice at boardroom level, some of them have also been called upon to shape the implementation of government policies.


Designers are now more than 'designers' in a lot of cities around the world. The more important question is whether designers are aware of the different kinds of implication of their work socially, economically, environmentally, phsycially, or even.... politically? The fact is that when designers design something (be it a physical product or a series of communications), they are introducing some kind of new concepts and values; and through the design, the designers are more or less trying to influence the behavior and thoughts of the people in the society on a much higher level. In some ways, we are starting to see how design can catalyse societal transformations.

  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Multimedia
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Art
  • Spatial Design
  • Culture
  • Creative Industry
  • Social Innovation
  • Art & Design Education