"20.....43 Business of Hong Kong Design Exhibition 2017"

News 2017-07-04
Hong Kong - Shen Zhen

“20…..43 Business of Hong Kong Design” (“20…..43”), presented by The Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations, is  a dynamic exposition of the concept of ‘Innovation’, ‘Interpretation’ and ‘Integration’ through success stories of Business and Design collaborations. In 5 Mainland cities – Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan, a total of 43 cases selected from different disciplines, demonstrating different forms of collaboration, highlight the concerted efforts of creative and industrial sectors of the Hong Kong community and those in the Mainland provinces and municipalities. The knowledge and insights manifested will contribute to the promotion of better understanding between counterparts and pave the way for even stronger collaborations in the future.


The exhibition series with concurrent events, held during the months of July to December 2017, not only showcase the significance of Hong Kong business and design on the Mainland, but also strive to reinforce Hong Kong's position as Asia’s creative capital. Riding on the theme of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – "Together • Progress • Opportunity", the “20…..43” series tells stories about ‘what has happened, and what might happen; of achievements, and of aspirations’. The “20…..43” connotes infinity possibilities in the progress of social and economic development for Hong Kong working in hand with the Mainland.


More information: http://designhub.net/bohkde2017/index.php?lang=en


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