Incubation GBA 2019

News 2019-06-05
Hong Kong

Supported by government policies and infrastructure developments, the Greater Bay Area (GBA) carries high potential of growth, and becoming one of the world’s largest bay area economy. Over the years, creative industries and business sectors have already seized the opportunity to expand their footprints in the Greater Bay Area.
FHKDA sees the importance of strengthening the support for the creative industries in building a creative cluster in the area. In that regard, FHKDA administers the Incubation GBA 2019 programme, in collaboration with Zetta Bridge Creative Industry Development Company Limited with the aim to help create and support the development of Hong Kong’s creative industries to establish their footings in the Shenzhen area by providing them with necessary support. The ultimate goal is to strengthen their competitiveness, so that they can form the backbone of the creative industries of the ‘twin cities’, and nurture a creative cluster for serving the region to combat new challenges and opportuinities ahead.


Supports from the program
Incubatees will receive a maximum of HK$150,000 financial support from the program for the following aspects

Marketing and Development (HK$80,000)
Marketing: To assist incubatees to promote their products / business (e.g. Participate in any exhibitions in Mainland China, launch of new product / business in form of small briefing in the hubs or service fee of engaging with PR agency providing related services).

Development: To assist incubatees to source and acquire raw materials (e.g. The fees for creating 3D models and using 3D printing services during the testing phase of developing new product)

Business Knowledge Enrichment (HK$30,000)
A support for continuous learning during the incubation period which help incubatees to know more about practices and policies related to doing business in Shenzhen and around the bay area; also upgrade incubatees’ relevant skills and knowledge with the aim to increase their competitiveness. Examples of using the support for are subscribing business knowledge enrichment programs, or for attending seminars offered by the hub or other operating body associated with the hubs.


Creative Hubs:

1. Zetta Bridge 二元橋
2. OCT LOFT 華僑城創意文化園
3. Qianhai HK-SZ Innovation Centre 前海深港創新中心


If your company meets the following criteria, you are eligible to apply the program:

1. Applicant must be a company registered in Hong Kong.
2. The company should be in business for at least 9 months
3. Business nature of the company must be related to the creative sectors such as film, television, music, design, architecture, advertising, digital entertainment, publishing and printing…etc.
4. The company's proposed product(s) / service(s) must be still in its early stage of development in which financial and professional support is much needed.
5. Owner of the company or at least one shareholder must be a practitioner in a recognized creative sector.
6. Owner / partner / shareholder of the company must not be current owner / partner / shareholder of incubatee of DIP / FIP or other incubation programs funded by HKSAR government.
7. Applicant is encouraged to enrol to be a “Zetwork member'of Zetta Bridge. Please register here.


Assessment Criteria
Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a 20-minute interview by an Assessment Panel. Assessment of applications will be based on the following criteria:

1. Background of the applicant company and relevant strength
2. Management team
3. Innovation and creativity
4. Business model and commercial viability
5. Revenue model and financial viability
6. Social / community impact
7. Commitment of the applicant and the team to become resourceful designpreneurs running successful design business
8. Need of financial and professional support
9. Presentation at interview


For application and more details about the program, please click here.  Deadline of the application is on June 9, 2019.

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