Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2019

Events 2019-11-21
Hong Kong - Shen Zhen

The Hong Kong Federation Design Associations participated in the second "Hebei International Industrial Design Week" this year, bringing the "FLOW Unfold" exhibition to Xiong'an Hebei to show the design effort of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau and Zhuhai. This Design Week, hosted by the Government of Hebei Province, is an annual key event to promote idea exchanges and cooperation in industrial design. Riding on the great success last year, the Design Week this year further improved its scale and quality, and used “Design Power Empowers the Future City" as the theme, focusing on international design forward-looking concepts and industry development trends, e.g. intelligent design, green design, and service design.

  • Exhibition
  • Product Design
  • Fashion Design