Furrenz Pet Sitters

Furrenz Pet Sitters provides professional PET CARE services and be the best of all our pets. Inspirit from their interesting business nature and naming, we created a fur ball as their logo. And extent to different animals image, as well as create a character for founders to delivery a full of affinity and intimate expression of the brand image.
為寵物提供專業的保姆護理服的Furrenz Pet SITTERS,如其名,創辦人希望成為各毛毛動物的好朋友。所以在創作其品牌形像時,因應這有趣的行業和其服務理念,設計了以一個毛毛球的品牌標誌,再伸延成不同的動物形像,同時更為創辦人創作了一個卡通頭像,表達充滿親和力及貼心的品牌形像。

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