ChillsDeli 食材之味

\"ChillsDeli\" is exclusive of imported cooking ingredients in high quality. Box Brand Design created\"A Simple Ingredient\" as their marketing concept. 3 basic ingredients in sophisticated style are served as main design elements. The brand message is delivered to the customers by the graphic design and INTERIOR DESIGN in their retail shops. Success of first store is well-recognized, ChillsDeili is going to expand their business to different regions in Guangdong.\"食材知味\"是專營進口和牛及餐酒等高級食材專門店。合子品牌以\"簡單的滋味\"品牌語為概念,直接以牛,豬,魚三種最基本食材為元素,配以簡約風格,把品牌風格從平面到空間立體呈現。讓顧客從進入店後毎一環節都能感受品牌傳遞的訊息。\"食材知味\"首店成功後,現正積極拓展業務,把店擴展至廣東省內不同地區。

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